Hammer Throw

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Hammer Throw is a Sentinel Throwing Attack Skill which is unlocked at level 2.

Hammer Throw
Sentinel Level 2
Skill Type:
Throwing Attack
Damage Types:
Mana Cost:
Strength Dexterity

Skill Description[edit source]

Throws a hammer that returns to you after a short delay.

Attribute Effects

Strength: 4% increased damage per point
Dexterity: 4% increased damage per point

Additional Details[edit | edit source]

This is a throwing attack that scales with throwing attack damage and throwing attack speed. It is not a melee attack or spell.

Skill Nodes[edit | edit source]

Skill Nodes List
Icon Name Description Max Points
Force of Impact Force of Impact 20% increased stun chance per point 5
Collision Collision Hammer Throw no longer pierces. 60% increased stun chance. 1
Ricochet Ricochet 30% less damage, 60% reduced stun chance, thrown hammers no longer return. Thrown hammers ricochet towards an additional target on hit. 1
Chaining Hammers Chaining Hammers 10% reduced attack speed and damager per point. Thrown hammers can ricochet into one additional target per point. 2
Battle Rouse Battle Rouse 1 health gained on hit per point. 2
Hammer of Want Hammer of Want Adds a 4 second cooldown. 3 mana gained on hit. 1
Overwhelm Overwhelm 25% more damage against stunned enemies per point. 6
Winged Hammers Winged Hammers 15% increased projectile speed per point 3
Steadfast Path Steadfast Path Hammers no longer return to you. Hammers have 30% chance to deal double damage. 1
Dark Spiral Dark Spiral Halves the chance of your hammers to deal double damage. Halves the number of extra projectiles. Your hammers travel in a spiral. 1
Hammer Vortex Hammer Vortex Removes the chance for your hammers to deal double damage. Your spiralling hammers orbit you. 1
Catapult Catapult 20% reduced damage per point. 2 additional projectiles per point. 2
Avatar of the Spire Avatar of the Spire Doubles the number of additional projectiles, unless your hammers spiral. Hammers are thrown in a nova. 1
Rapid Throw Rapid Throw 6% increased attack spead per point. 8
Disintegrating Aura Disintegrating Aura 20% reduced attack speed. Enemies take 12 void damage per second when near a thrown hammer. 1
Rapid Disintegration Rapid Disintegration The disintegrating aura deals 25% increased damage per point. 5
Shattering Force Shattering Force 10% chance per point to shred 40 armor for 4 seconds on hit. 5
Weighted Hammers Weighted Hammers 10% reduced projectile speed per point. 20% increased damage per point. 5
Slinger's Stamina Slinger's Stamina 30% increased mana efficiency per point. 5
Mana Starved Forging Mana Starved Forging Hammer Throw deals 20% reduced damage, but is free when you have no mana. 1