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This page is a guide for Getting Started on downloading and playing Last Epoch.

System Requirements[edit | edit source]

First things first, you'll want to make sure you have a computer that can run the game. Check out the System Requirements for the Game Version you would like to play.

Purchasing the Game[edit | edit source]

For access to anything other than the publicly released pre-alpha demos, one of the Supporter Packs is required. Alpha Series supporter packs are available from the supporters page on the website.

Downloading and Installing[edit | edit source]

The official guide for downloading and installing the alpha version can be found on the support website.

Additionally the download links for public pre-alpha versions can be found in the Official Discord in the downloadable-demos channel.

Launching[edit | edit source]

After downloading, the Game Launcher can be used to launch the game, download future patches and read patch notes.

When the game is launched it will open the default unity launcher window from which the player may select their desired screen resolution, graphics quality, monitor and windowed or fullscreen (defaults when windowed is unchecked) to launch the game in.

Logging In[edit | edit source]

After launching the game players will be directed to login to their Last Epoch account used to purchase the game.

After logging in players will be taken to a screen displaying their account name, a switch user button that will log them out, and a play button that will take them to the character selection screen.

Character Selection[edit | edit source]

From the character selection screen players are able to access and change the Settings and exit the game.

Players will be able to select any of their characters from the dropdown and begin playing them or delete them.

If a player has no characters they will need to click on the "Create New Character" button, and follow the Character Creation guide.