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Fury Leap

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Fury Leap is a Primalist Melee Attack Skill which is unlocked at level 3.

Fury Leap
Primalist Level 3
Skill Type:
Melee Attack
Damage Types:
Mana Cost:

Skill Description[edit source]

Leap to the target location, dealing damage to nearby enemies when you hit the ground. Doubles any added damage.

Attribute Effects

Strength: 4% increased damage per point

Skill Nodes[edit | edit source]

Skill Nodes List
Icon Name Description Max Points
Crushing Impact Crushing Impact 25% increased stun chance per point. 5
Regain Stamina Regain Stamina 20% chance per point for any kill to reset Fury Leap's cooldown. 3
Acrobatics Acrobatics +1 maximum charge. 1
Rapidity Rapidity On landing gain 15% increased movement speed per point for 3 seconds. 3
Rage Rage On landing gain 10% increased attack and cast speed per point for 3 seconds. 8
Pack Leader Pack Leader Summoned wolves leap with you. 1
Crater Crater Fury Leap's impact has 35% increased area of effect per point. 4
Savage Impact Savage Impact +50% critical strike damage per point. 8
Lagon's Wrath Lagon's Wrath Lightning rains down on nearby enemies while you leap. 1
Storm Bringer Storm Bringer Lightning strikes 20% faster per point. 5
Rejuvenating Storms Rejuvenating Storms Kills with this lightning also reset Fury Leap's cooldown. 1
Ambush Predator Ambush Predator 35% more damage per point against enemies that are on full health. 5
Recless Leap Reckless Leap Fury Leap no longer resets on kill, but deals 50% more damage. 1
Gravity Gravity 25% chance to pull nearby enemies towards you on landing. 4
Rise Rise 20% chance to summon poisonous vines at the start of a leap 5
Poisonous Thicket Poisonous Thicket 20% chance per point to summon poisonous vines when you land. 5