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Freeze is an On Hit Effect status which can also be applied by some cold spells.

Description[edit | edit source]

Freeze prevents an enemy from moving for 1.2 seconds.

Freeze Chance is affected by by the freeze rate of the skill being used, the formula for which is Freeze Chance = (1 + increased freeze chance) * freeze rate / (maximum health of the target)

Affixes[edit | edit source]

NameNicknameTypeModifier(s)T1 RangeT2 RangeT3 RangeT4 RangeT5 Range
Freeze Chance and Cold ProtectionGlacialPrefixIncreased Freeze Chance
Increased Cold Protection
15  -  24
3  -  5
25  -  35
6  -  8
36  -  45
9  -  11
46  -  55
13  -  15
56  -  75
16  -  20
Freeze Rate Multiplier????SuffixFreeze Rate Multiplier0  -  00  -  00  -  00  -  00  -  0
Freeze Rate Multiplier and Cold Protection????PrefixFreeze Rate Multiplier and Cold Protection0  -  00  -  00  -  00  -  00  -  0
Increased Freeze Chanceof FreezingSuffixIncreased Freeze Chance25  -  4041  -  6060  -  8586  -  110111  -  150

Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel Unlocked
AvalancheIcon.pngAvalancheChannel to summon the might of winter and pummel your foes in ice and snow.Spell1720
Default.jpgIce ThornsReleases a burst of homing ice thorns, that deal physical and cold damage on hit and have a Freeze Rate of 15.Spell52
Default.jpgMaelstromSurrounds you with a freezing Maelstrom that deals cold damage over time to nearby enemies.
Can be cast repeatedly to create multiple maelstroms at once. Each Maelstrom lasts 8 seconds.
Default.jpgNorthern WindsA spell that deals cold damage, triggered by Primalist's Tempest Strike.Spell
GlacierIcon.pngGlacierCreates three successively larger ice explosions in the target direction. Each explosion deals more damage than the last.Spell655
IceBarrage(new)Icon.pngIce BarrageChannel to prepare ice shards which are released after a second or when you stop channeling. Ice shards are projectiles that create an ice explosion on hit.
The shards and explosions have a freeze rate of 12.
ShatterStrikeIcon(new).pngShatter StrikeA sweeping melee attack that swipes enemies in a circle around you dealing cold damage and culling frozen enemies at low health. Has a freeze rate of 50.Melee Attack2015
SnapFreezeIcon.pngSnap FreezeFreezes enemies in a cone in front of you. Freeze lasts for 2 seconds.Spell3064