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Fireball is a Mage Spell Skill which is unlocked at level 7.

Mage Level 7
Skill Type:
Damage Types:
Mana Cost:

Skill Description[edit source]

Cast a ball of fire dealing moderate damage

Attribute Effects

Intelligence: 4% increased damage per point

Skill Nodes[edit | edit source]

Skill Nodes List
Icon Name Description Max Points
Burning Flames Burning Flames 20% chance to ignite per point. 4
Skira's Gambit Skira's Gambit 100% chance to apply and additional ignite. 70% less hit damage. 1
Conflagration Conflagration 20% more hit damage with hits against ignited enemies per point. 5
Blasting Flames Blasting Flames Explodes on destruction. 1
Volatile Flames Volatile Flames 10% chance per point to deal double damage. 5
Frostburn Frostburn 25% more damage with hits against chilled enemies per point. 5
Piercing Heat Piercing Heat Pierces an additional enemy per point. 5
Spread of Destruction Spread of Destruction 25% chance to deal damage around an enemy on hit per point. 4
Dancing Fire Dancing Fire +2 projectiles per point, but 15% reduced cast speed per point. 2
Seeker's Ash Seeker's Ash Fireballs follow your target. Removes any extra projectiles unless you have the "Embers" node. 1
Rapid Flames Rapid Flames 6% increased cast speed per point. 5
Incinerate Incinerate 12% increased cast speed per point and 25% increased mana cost per point. 4
Mana Sphere Mana Sphere 28% increased mana effeciency per point. 4
Plasmaball Plasmaball 20% of base fire damage added as base lightning per point and 4% reduced cast speed per point. 7
Arcane Divergence Arcane Divergence +2 projectiles, but 100% increased mana cost. 1
Embers Embers Extra projectiles fire in sequence in the same direction. Halves the number of extra projectiles. 25% reduced cast speed. 1
Torrent Torrent +1 extra projectile per point, 7% reduced damage per point, and 40% increased mana cost per point. Not affected by Embers' penalty to the number of extra projectiles. 2
EphemeralStanceIcon.png Manaburned Fireball has no extra projectiles, but has 10% increased damage for each projectile that would otherwise be added by this tree. Fireball has no cost when you are out of mana. 1
EarthquakeIcon.png Unchained Fire Ignite chance granted by nodes on this tree is reduced by 40%. Fireball deals 20% reduced damage. Fireball always costs 0 mana. 1
MeteorIcon.png Inevitable Flames Fireballs travel 6% more slowly per point, but deal 12% increased damage per point. 5
ReclamationIcon.png Ghostfire Fireballs always pierce, but deal 20% reduced damage. 1
Inferno(RotatedRight)Icon.png Flamethrower Changes fireball into a channeled ability, spewing 7 fireballs per second. 50% reduced damage. 70% reduced range. Increases and reductions to cast speed from this tree apply to damage instead. Cast Speed from other sources only affect how quickly you start channeling. 1
InfernalLegacyIcon.png Infernal Legacy Fireballs last 20% longer, causing them to travel further before expiring. 5