Eterra's Path

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Eterra's Path are unique Boots based on the Brigandine Boots.

Eterra's Path
Unique Brigandine Boots
35-35 Added Armor
12-17 Increased Movement Speed
Line Break300.png
You and your minions have 20% increased movement speed
You and your minions have 80% increased healing effectiveness
Every second if you are moving you have a 20% chance to cast summon vine or entangling roots
Life grows in your footsteps
Line Break300.png
Sell price: 1000

Equipment Based on Brigandine Boots

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsSet ModifiersFlavor TextReq. Level
BrigandineBoots.pngBrigandine BootsBoots35-35 Added Armor
12-17 Increased Movement Speed