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Elder Pannion
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Elder Pannion is a Enemy Human Boss Non-Player Character. They are a prominent Story Character in the World of Eterra.

History[edit | edit source]

Elder Pannion wrote an article about the Chronowyrm which reads: "On Chronowyrms,

Beyond the world we knew and outside the flow of time is the place we find ourselves now, a place where the detritus of reality drifts together, a graveyard of dead timelines. Here there be dragons.

The sanctuary we have found here in the ruins of our old home, suspended over an infinite abyss, has gained visitors. Small dragon hatchling that the other survivors and Travelers have come to call Chronowyrms. The float around the ruins, endlessly curious about the new visitors to this remote place, though the vast shadows cutting through the dark below and the sound of distant roars has me worried about how large these things can grow.

Most of the people stranded here are delighted by the visits of these hatchlings, some even taking them as pets and adorning them with gold or even armor. Even they know to stay away from the Chronowyrms that crackle with sparks and glow with arcane power. Some of the remaining Elders theorize that these Chronowyrms have been feeding on the distant storms that can be seen far off in the distance, often surrounding dense clusters of floating crystal. They have also noticed that as the lightning around these hatchlings grow more volatile, crystals have begun to form on their scales, to the point of completely covering these thusly dubbed Crystal Chronowyrms. One only has to gaze out into the abyss and catch a glance at one of the clusters of crystal that have shattered, bringing to mind a hatched egg, and remember te titanic shadows that swim in the darkness below..."