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Damage Over Time Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Damage Over Time, or DoT, is an effect from some Statuses and Skills which applies it's total damage over a set length of time divided into ticks per second. For each tick, Tick Damage = Total Damage / Time.

  • The damage from DoTs are not considered hits, meaning they cannot be Dodged, are not affected by on hit effects, the damage is not scaled randomly, nor do they deal critical strikes in Combat Calculations.
  • Bleed, Poison and Ignite stack infinitely (within their short duration). Unless otherwise specified, other damage over time statuses do not.
  • Although they are not hits, they can Leech and use Penetration
  • Damage from DoTs scales with a Character's increases to damage over time, Damage Types, and Attributes linked to the skill used to apply the dot. Example : Warpath receives 4% increased damage for each point of[ [strength]]. Your strength will also scale (+4%/point) all damage over time caused by Warpath.

Damage Over Time Statuses[edit | edit source]

Damage Over Time Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel UnlockedClass
AbyssalEchoesIcon.pngAbyssal EchoesA nova that echos from enemies it hits and applies abyssal decay. Enemies with abyssal decay take void damage over time for 6 seconds, if they take a hit all the damage from abyssal decay is dealt to them immediately.Spell3510Void Knight
BlackHoleIcon.pngBlack HoleSummon a powerful black hole at target location that aggressively pulls enemies and deals high damage.Spell3530Sorcerer
Default.jpgMaelstromSurrounds you with a freezing Maelstrom that deals cold damage over time to nearby enemies.
Can be cast repeatedly to create multiple maelstroms at once. Each Maelstrom lasts 8 seconds.
DisintegrateIcon.pngDisintegrateChannel to create a beam of pure energy in the target direction. The beam deals fire and lightning damage to all enemies caught in it.
Drains 20 mana per second.
EntanglingRootsIcon.pngEntangling RootsCalls forth roots from the ground that snare nearby enemies and deal physical damage to them over time.Spell505Druid
FireShieldIcon.pngFire ShieldSurrounds you with a protective shield for 14 seconds that grants 100 elemental protection and has 20% chance to retaliate with a fire blast when you are hit. Can be cast instantly.Spell1919Mage
HungeringSoulIcon.pngHungering SoulsCalls forth five hungering souls that seek out enemies, on hit they deal necrotic damage and then possesses the target. Possessed enemies take necrotic damage over time for two seconds. Enemies cannot be possessed by multiple souls at once.Spell115Acolyte
RavagingStanceIcon.pngRavaging StanceToggles ravaging stance. While in ravaging stance you lose 5% of your current health per second, but emit an aura that afflicts nearby enemies with a ravaging ailment that deals void damage over time, but does not stack. You can only have one stance active at once.Spell0130Void Knight
TornadoIcon.pngTornadoConjures a tornado that moves at random, pulling in nearby enemies and dealing physical damage to them. Added damage applies at 40% of its value.Spell2510Shaman
WanderingSpiritsIcon.pngWandering SpiritsReveals wandering spirits around you for 5 seconds. The Spirits wander at random dealing necrotic damage over time to enemies they pass through.Spell1588Acolyte

Skill Nodes[edit | edit source]

NPC[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeCooldown
Default.jpgSoul GeyserCreates a geyser eruption from the ground which will deal damage over time in the area.Spell
Default.jpgWhirlpoolCreates a whirlpool at target location which damages enemies over time.Spell
EntanglingRootsIcon.pngEntangling Roots (Spriggan)Snares nearby enemies and deals physical damage to them.Spell15