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The Crafting system in Last Epoch allows players to modify most Equipment by adding or removing Affixes, occasionally resulting in the destruction of the Items. Unique Equipment cannot be used in crafting.

Crafting Inventory[edit | edit source]

Crafting components and Affix Shards are stored separately from the normal Inventory. They can be found listed in the crafting screen. There is no limit to the number of Affix Shards you can store in your crafting inventory.

Upgrading Equipment[edit | edit source]

Players can upgrade the rarity of equipment by adding appropriate affix shards, up to two prefixes and suffixes each. This can be done by placing the equipment into the equipment into the slot on the crafting screen and selecting an affix from the crafting inventory.

Additionally players can upgrade the tier (and resulting value) of the affixes on an item by adding an affix which already exists on the equipment, which will increase the tier by 1. Players can upgrade affixes up to tier 5.

Shattering[edit | edit source]

Shattering an item via a shattering stone is the primary way of attaining affix shards. Shattering will consume one shattering stone, selected from the crafting inventory, and destroy the equipment placed in the crafting slot. A random number, of at least one, of the affixes which was on the equipment are converted into affix shards of the same type and placed into the crafting inventory.

Fractures[edit | edit source]

Each time a shard is added to equipment, there is a chance to cause a fracture. This chance increases as higher tiers of affix are present on the equipment. However, affixes that are on equipment when it drops out in the world will increase the equipment's fracture chance less than affixes and tiers added to the equipment through crafting. As an equipments's fracture chance increases, the likelihood of causing a fracture and the severity of the potential fracture both increase.

  • Minor fracture: The equipment is locked, and can no longer have affixes added to it.
  • Damaging fracture: All affixes are reduced by 1-5 tiers (if this creates an affix with a tier lower than one, it is removed), and the equipment is locked.
  • Destructive fracture: All affixes are removed, and the equipment is locked.

Media[edit | edit source]

The crafting system in action: Crafting Guide 2.0 by 00Critical