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Claymore is a base Two Handed Sword with a level requirement of 12.

Two Handed Sword
28-28 Added Melee Physical Damage
Range: 2.4
Line Break300.png
Sell price: 7

Similar Equipment

The following similar equipment has the same implicit modifiers and equipment type, however they may have differing names, models, base types, or implicit values.

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityReq. Level
BastardSword.pngBastard SwordWeapon  -  Two Handed Sword22-22 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.4m
BroadSword.pngBroad SwordWeapon  -  One Handed Sword11-11 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 1.9m
ClovenAxe.pngCloven AxeWeapon  -  Two Handed Axe66-66 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.4m
DeicideSword.pngDeicide SwordWeapon  -  One Handed Sword50-50 Added Melee Physical DamageBase68
EasternBlade.pngEastern BladeWeapon  -  One Handed Sword14-14 Added Melee Physical DamageBase11
ExecutionerAxe.pngExecutioner AxeWeapon  -  Two Handed Axe50-50 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.4m
Falchion.pngFalchionWeapon  -  One Handed Sword12-12 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 1.9m
GreatSword.pngGreat SwordWeapon  -  Two Handed Sword19-19 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.4m
Hatchet.pngHatchetWeapon  -  One Handed Axe12-12 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 1.8m
HookedBlade.pngHooked BladeWeapon  -  One Handed Sword26-26 Added Melee Physical DamageBase29
Katana.pngKatanaWeapon  -  One Handed Sword33-33 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2m
LongSword.pngLongswordWeapon  -  One Handed Sword21-21 Added Melee Physical DamageBase24
Nodachi.pngNodachiWeapon  -  Two Handed Sword45-45 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.6m
TitanBlade.pngTitan BladeWeapon  -  Two Handed Sword85-85 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.4m
Zweihander.pngZweihanderWeapon  -  Two Handed Sword76-76 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.4m

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Claymore was a type of two-handed sword with a double-edged blade used in Scotland from the 15th to the 17th century. It's historical design differs quite a bit from that in Last Epoch. The blade was broader at the hilt and got slightly narrower towards the tip. The cross-guard was a broad v-shape and usually decorated at the ends with quatrefoils.

A more recent type of Claymore is one-handed and very similar in kind to the basket-hilted sword.