Chronomancer Lerinne

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Chronomancer Lerinne
Combat Alignment:
RespecMapIcon.png Respec
The Square
Has Dialogue:

Chronomancer Lerinne is a Non-Combative Non-Player Character. They can be found in The Square.

Passive Grid Point Respec[edit | edit source]

Through Chronomancer Lerinne's Dialogue the player can open a Passive Grid respecialization window. This will undo the latest point allocation (Axis or Node) at the initial price of 100 gold. Each time this is done, the price of the next point reallocation is raised by 100 gold. If a player has no points allocated on the passive grid they will not be able to respec points.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Interacting with Chronomancer Lerinne will open the following dialogue window:

Welcome, I can undo a past action of yours, for a price.

Selecting "Respec Last Passive Grid Allocation" from the dialogue window will open the respecialization User Interface window.

Selecting "Exit" will close the Dialogue window