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Cast Speed is one of the Character Stats which increase the rate at which Spell Skills can be used and Minions can be summoned by reducing the time it takes to complete the action, including the animation. Cast speed does not effect any cooldown time that may be imposed between casts of a skill.

The formula for Casts per second is:

CastsPerSecond = BaseAnimationSpeed*(1+IncreasedCastSpeed-ReducedCastSpeed)

Instant Cast[edit | edit source]

Some skills grant the ability to be cast instantly. This allows the chraracter to continue one action (attacking or moving) without interruption while casting another skill. The effect of the skill are not always instantaneous and may require a very short pweiod of time for the skill to become active.

Skills that are cast instantly are usually centered on the character and are able to move with the character.

Cast Time[edit | edit source]

Cast time is the time in seconds that it takes to cast a spell. Cast Time is the inverse of Cast Speed. The greater the increase in Cast Speed the shorter the Cast Time.

The formula for Cast Time is:

CastTime =\frac{1}{CastsPerSecond}

Cooldown Time[edit | edit source]

Skills may impose a cooldown time between casts. The cooldown time is a minimum time between the end of a cast and the start of the next cast. Cooldown time is not affected by Cast Speed. The minimum time between casts us the cooldown time plus cast time.


Affixes[edit | edit source]

These Affixes can be added to Equipment to change cast speed.

NameNicknameTypeModifier(s)T1 RangeT2 RangeT3 RangeT4 RangeT5 Range
Cast SpeedShade'sPrefixIncreased Cast Speed3  -  56  -  89  -  1112  -  1415  -  20

Status Effects[edit | edit source]