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Calamity is a unique Helmet based on the Jewelled Circlet with a level requirement of 7.

Unique Jewelled Circlet
5-5 Added Armor
10-35 Added Mana
5-25 Increased Spell Damage
Line Break300.png
150% increased ignite chance for fire skills
40% increased fire damage
You take 2 fire damage per second per fire kill in the last 5 seconds
Set the world ablaze and burn along with it
Line Break300.png
Sell price: 1000

Equipment Based on Jewelled Circlet

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsSet ModifiersFlavor TextReq. Level
Jewelled Circlet.pngJewelled CircletHelmet5-5 Added Armor
10-35 Added Mana
5-25 Increased Spell Damage