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Builds are player and community created specializations for characters. The core aspects of a character's build is their Class, Skills and skill nodes, Passives, and Equipment and crafting Shards.

On the Wiki[edit | edit source]

Builds should be created in the Builds: namespace on the wiki. You may use any format that you like to publish your build on the wiki, however you may be interested in using the Template:Builds for formatting everything nicely and uniformly. See below for instructions on how to use the template.

Uploading Images[edit | edit source]

Images that you upload for your build can be uploaded to the wiki. If you choose to do this you should name your file prefixed by your username or IP and add the Category:User Build Images to the upload summary.

Using the Template[edit | edit source]

Enter the name of the build you would like to create in the box above and hit the "Create Page" button. This will pre-load a blank builds template that you can fill in as needed. There are comments on the pre-loaded page <!-- COMMENT --> that will not show up on the page that is created, just make sure everything you enter is outside of the comments (or you may replace them if you'd like).

List of Builds for Beta 0.7[edit | edit source]

Build NameClassLast UpdatedAuthor
Charged StormShamanBeta 0.7Tsukii
Decaying ReaperLichBeta 0.7Jehsycah
Flicker ShieldVoid KnightBeta 0.7GeoGalvanic
Poison MasterBeastmasterBeta 0.7User:GeoGalvanic

Finding Builds Elsewhere[edit | edit source]