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You and your minions have 10% increased health and 5% increased movement speed. Prevents taking Shaman or Druid unlock nodes.
Unlock Level:
Beastmaster Level 25
Max Points:

Beastmaster is one of the master classes of the Primalist.

Description[edit | edit source]

You have become the master of the wilds and the beasts that dwell within. The beasts of the land recognize you as the champion of Eterra, willing to fight at your side with tooth, claw and talon. You lead your pack with strength and pride, leading the charge with your skill and ferocity, the power of beasts infusing your body and shifting your shape to ravage your enemies. The heart of the wild beats within you, its fury leading your way.

Iconic Equipment[edit | edit source]

Claws, special types of Daggers, will be specific to the Beastmaster class.

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