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The Bazaar is one of the Game Features which allows Trading of Items amongst Players anonymously using the gold they’ve found on their adventures.

Selling[edit | edit source]

Players will be able to list a small number of items on the Bazaar at a time and once a starting price and closing time have been set they will be unable to prematurely remove the listing. Other players will then be able to bid on their listings and once the bidding window is up the winner will receive the item and seller will receive the gold they bid on it. While players to be physically at the Bazaar to list new auctions, there will be a special User Interface window for players to track current items they have listed at any time.

Buying[edit | edit source]

Players will be able to search through all of the items within the Bazaar using an extensive filtering system to narrow down options and to help find the exact item wanted. Once a player has bid on an item, the gold bid will be removed from their Inventory and if they are outbid the gold will be returned.