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Banded Club

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Banded Club is a base One Handed Blunt Weapon with a level requirement of 38.

Banded Club
One Handed Blunt Weapon
38-38 Added Melee Physical Damage
18-55 Increased Stun Chance
Range: 1.8
Line Break300.png
Sell price: 12

Similar Equipment

The following similar equipment has the same implicit modifiers and equipment type, however they may have differing names, models, base types, or implicit values.

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityReq. Level
Club.pngClubWeapon  -  One Handed Blunt Weapon13-13 Added Melee Physical Damage
10-16 Increased Stun Chance
Weapon Range: 1.8m
ImperialHammer.pngImperial HammerWeapon  -  Two Handed Blunt Weapon65-65 Added Melee Physical Damage
20-70 Increased Stun Chance
Weapon Range: 2.4m
SpikedClub.pngSpiked ClubWeapon  -  One Handed Blunt Weapon23-23 Added Melee Physical Damage
13-35 Increased Stun Chance
Weapon Range: 1.8m
StoneHammer.pngStone HammerWeapon  -  Two Handed Blunt Weapon30-30 Added Melee Physical Damage
10-45 Increased Stun Chance
Weapon Range: 2.4m