Arcane Sceptre

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Arcane Sceptre is a base Sceptre with a level requirement of 21.

Arcane Sceptre
20-20 Added Melee Physical Damage
36-70 Increased Base Spell Damage
-3--3 Subtracted Spell Mana Cost

Similar Equipment

The following similar equipment has the same implicit modifiers and equipment type, however they may have differing names, models, base types, or implicit values.

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityReq. Level
CobaltSceptre.pngCobalt SceptreWeapon  -  Sceptre12-12 Added Melee Physical Damage
5-30 Increased Base Spell Damage
-3--3 Subtracted Spell Mana Cost
EmeraldSceptre.pngEmerald SceptreWeapon  -  Sceptre35-35 Added Melee Physical Damage
71-110 Increased Base Spell Damage
-3--3 Subtracted Spell Mana Cost
MoonstoneSceptre.pngMoonstone SceptreWeapon  -  Sceptre45-45 Added Melee Physical Damage
111-190 Increased Base Spell Damage
-3--3 Subtracted Spell Mana Cost