Added Block Chance

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Added Block Chance is a Modifier that Gives additional chance to block hits from enemies.

Added Block Chance
Type: + Added
Effected Stats: Block Chance


Affix Shards

NameNicknameTypeModifier(s)T1 RangeT2 RangeT3 RangeT4 RangeT5 Range
Block ChanceGuardian'sPrefixAdded Block Chance2  -  67  -  89  -  1011  -  1213  -  15


IconPassive NamePassive DescriptionClassMax PointsUnlocked Lvl.Required Passive
GladiatorAdds 1% block chance and 30 block protection.Sentinel5
Shield Wall25% less dodge rating per allocated point. 3% added block chance per allocated point.Paladin430Staunch Defender
Steel Aegis1% added block chance and 60 added block armor.Forge Guard8
Flawless Defender1% added block chance and 50 added block armor per allocated pointForge Guard530
Unshakable1% added block chance per allocated point. 50 added block armor per allocated point. 15 added stun avoidance per allocated point.Paladin55