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A rebellious scion who disobeyed her masters to seek out forbidden magic, the Acolyte will let nothing stop her from becoming more powerful.
Master classes:

Acolyte is one of the base classes in Last Epoch.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

The acolyte hungered for knowledge, her apprenticeship under the Elders of Last Refuge leaving her bored and restless. Her master was a kind man, he spared her the bellows and caning that other apprentices endured for their mistakes, but still, she was not satisfied. She wanted to be more than these gray men and hunched women hiding in this subterranean city. She wanted power.

She had heard tales of the surface’s past like any youth would have, but the tales that interested her the most were those of the Undead Empire and their mastery over death. Most apprentices would have never dared to ask their master about the magic the Undead Empire wielded, and most mentors would never have conceded that tomes detailing their dark secrets still existed hidden in the archives. Alas, the acolyte and her master were fools.

She still remembers it, the feeling when she first recited a chant from one of those tomes, a mouse tied to the glyph she had etched. The power of its soul, no matter how meager, as it flew into her, and the sight of its tiny skeleton tearing its way from the tiny corpse. She was found out of course, her dark experiments growing more bold, but she had grown clever by then and made her escape to the shadowy slums of Last Refuge. She had taken as many of the old histories and knowledge of the Undead Empire with her as she could, determined to uncover all of its secrets and find power beyond what this little world could provide.

Her tale would have ended there, a rebellious acolyte to the forbidden arts wasting her talents in the dark if fate had not broken through the rocks guarding that little world. Void flowed through and opened the way to a horizon for her to chase.

Master classes[edit | edit source]

Acolyte allows players to choose the following masteries:

Iconic Equipment[edit | edit source]

Hooded Helms, a special type of Helmets, will be specific to the Acolyte class.

Starting Stats[edit | edit source]

The Acolyte begins with 2 Intelligence

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

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