Abyssal Echoes

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Abyssal Echoes is a Void Knight Spell Skill which is unlocked at level 10.

Abyssal Echoes
Void Knight
Void Knight Level 10
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Skill Description[edit source]

A nova that echos from enemies it hits and applies abyssal decay. Enemies with abyssal decay take void damage over time for 6 seconds, if they take a hit all the damage from abyssal decay is dealt to them immediately.

Attribute Effects

Attunement: 4% increased damage per point

Additional Details[edit | edit source]

Abyssal Decay deals a total of 50 void damage over its duration. This is increased by increases to void damage, spell damage, and damage over time.

Abyssal Echoes cannot apply other on hit effects on hit.

Skill Nodes[edit | edit source]

IconNode NameNode DescriptionMax PointsConnected Nodes
Abyssal Cadence35% increased mana cost per allocated point. Abyssal Echoes is automatically cast 1 additional time per point. There is a one second delay between each cast by default.4Temporal Echo-1
Abyssal FormWhen you kill an enemy with Abyssal Echoes you enter Abyssal Form for 4 seconds. While in Abyssal Form you have 15% increased health and mana regeneration.1Temporal Reaving-3, Void Alacrity-1 and Mental Echoes-1
Abyssal Grasp25% increased pull strength per point.4Pull of the Void-1
Abyssal InfusionYou have 7% increased melee damage and damage over time for each time you have cast abyssal echoes in the past 4 seconds.4Echomancer-1 and Sonority-2
Abyssal Remains20% increased mana efficiency per allocated point. You have 20 additional void protection per allocated point if you have cast abyssal echoes in the past 4 seconds.5Reality's Dirge-2
Creeping DecayHalves the duration of abyssal decay. Enemies can have multiple instance of abyssal decay at once.1Echomancer-3
Dissolving BlightTemporal blight also debuffs armor by 20 per point.5Temporal Blight
Distant Echoes20% increased delay per point between the additional casts of Abyssal Echoes created by the Temporal Echo and Abyssal Cadence nodes. 20% increased mana efficiency per point.9Temporal Echo-1
Echomancer10% increased mana efficiency per point. 5% increased cast speed per point.5Root-0, Creeping Decay-3, Temporal Echo-2 and Abyssal Infusion-1
Eons of PainTemporal Blight lasts 30% longer per point.3Temporal Blight-1 and Potent Blight-2
Final EchoAbyssal Echoes no longer echoes from enemies it hits. 40% increased mana efficiency. 40% increased area of effect.1Root-0, Sonority-1 and Pull of the Void-1
Lasting FormAbyssal Form has 25% increased duration per point.6Void Alacrity-1
Mental EchoesYou can cast abyssal echoes instantly, even while using another ability. Adds a 4 second cooldown.1Root-0, Abyssal Form-1 and Reality's Dirge-1
Potent BlightTemporal Blight has 30% increased effect per point.5Eons of Pain-2
Pull of the Void35% increased mana cost. Abyssal Echoes pulls in enemies on hit.1Final Echo-1 and Abyssal Grasp-1
Reality's Dirge75% increased cooldown recovery speed per allocated point.6Mental Echoes-1 and Abyssal Remains-2
Sequel of DecayThe damage over time taken debuff from Temporal Reaving has 50% reduced effect. Enemies can have multiple instances of this debuff.1Temporal Reaving-3
Shadow BlurYou have 10% increased attack and cast speed in Abyssal Form per point.3Void Alacrity-1
Sonority40% increased area of effect per point.5Abyssal Infusion-2 and Final Echo-1
Temporal BlightHitting an enemy with Abyssal Echoes also inflicts them with Temporal Blight for 2 seconds. Temporal Blight reduces attack speed, cast speed and movement speed by 5% (multiplicative with other modifiers).1Root-0, Dissolving Blight-1 and Eons of Pain-1
Temporal Echo35% increased mana cost. Abyssal Echoes is automatically cast again one second after you cast it.1Echomancer-1, Abyssal Cadence-1 and Distant Echoes-1
Temporal ReavingEnemies you hit with Abyssal Echoes take 10% increased damage over time per point for 4 seconds. Enemies can not have multiple instances of this debuff.3Root-0, Sequel of Decay-3 and Abyssal Form-3
Void AlacrityYou have 10% increased movement speed in Abyssal Form per point.2Abyssal Form-1, Shadow Blur-1 and Lasting Form-1